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Easy and Fast Car Scrapping


Call us on: 0208 657 9056

If you want to scrap your car free of charge and need a collection at a convenient time by a reliable company with friendly staff, then fill out our collection form of this website or call us on 0208 657 9056, mob: 078 1765 3368

Scrapping process

The Car Scrapping Process

Fill in our vehicle collection request form or call us on 0208 6882 523.

We collect your vehicle at a time to suit you. The vehicle is taken to our authorised depollution center. The vehicle is then dismantled and all harmful waste is disposed. All these process is done in an environmental friendlier way.

Any materials which can be recycled are and any parts that can be re-used are removed.

Once the recycling is done you will receive a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) and you are safe in the knowledge that your vehicle is off the road and you are no longer responsible for that vehicle. The depollution certificate is issued only on request.