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Easy and Fast Car Scrapping


Call us on: 0208 657 9056

If you want to scrap your car free of charge and need a collection at a convenient time by a reliable company with friendly staff, then fill out our collection form of this website or call us on 0208 657 9056, mob: 078 1765 3368

Car Scrapping / Disposal at Wimbledon

Wimbledon is situated in south London and is a part of London Borough of Merton. There are large number of car users in this area, same as other parts of London. We are car scrapping company in Wimbledon who helps the old car owners to dispose their old cars with ease and in their comforts.

Yes, we work weekdays, weekends and collect your car at a convenient time. has been trading for many years and we are established as a reliable car scrapping company. The vehicles are recovered safely under ELV Guidelines.

Car Recycling Process - Wimbledon

Once the car has been collected by us, the vehicles are de-polluted. Then the vehicles are crushed and make it ready for re-cycling. Based on the rules of environment agency, the vehicles are disposed. The machines use for de-pollute the vehicles drain the hazardous fluids such as engines oils, transmission fluids, brake fluids etc. We provide DVLA notification when we collect your vehicle and therefore the customer details are safely removed from that vehicle.

For a prompt and reliable service for scrap car collection in Wimbledon, please call us or click here to contact us.

We also do car scrapping in London Bridge and Canary Wharf.