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Easy and Fast Car Scrapping


Call us on: 0208 657 9056

If you want to scrap your car free of charge and need a collection at a convenient time by a reliable company with friendly staff, then fill out our collection form of this website or call us on 0208 657 9056, mob: 078 1765 3368

Scrap your car at Thornton Heath

Car Disposal

Thornton Heath is a part of South London. Thronton Heath is located in the London Borough of Croydon.

If you are in need to dispose your damaged car or your old car and if you are living in Thornton Heath, then will help you in that process. We do the car scrapping free of cost. So you can scrap your car without any hassles or inconvenience.

We buy all sorts of car which are considered as uneconomical to repair it and to make it on-road. So do not worry about the condition of your car, we are here to help you dispose your car.

Our friendly team will help you in disposing your old car at your convenient time. We will take care of all the DVLA paper works. We always feel that word of mouth is a great success to any business, so we keep up our quality of work at the best and ensure clients satisfaction. We take care of both and our clients and environment. Hence all our cars collected from Thornton Heath are disposed and recycled professionally.

Our commitment to work made us reliable and be on time. When we fix an appointment, we turn at correct time, be itís a day or evening or weekends.

Please call us or fill out our contact form now, if you are in Thornton Heath and looking for scrapping your car.

We also do car scrapping in Purley and Lewisham.