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Easy and Fast Car Scrapping


Call us on: 0208 657 9056

If you want to scrap your car free of charge and need a collection at a convenient time by a reliable company with friendly staff, then fill out our collection form of this website or call us on 0208 657 9056, mob: 078 1765 3368

Car Scrapping/Disposal South Croydon

South Croydon is a lively and vibrant town with good links to the city via buses and trains. Though people use public transport, there are huge number of car owners, who love to drive cars for their transport needs here in South Croydon. There are many old cars which are to be scrapped should be scrapped in time. Otherwise you may be liable for DVLA fines according to laws. is a prominent company who scraps car in and around South Croydon area. If your car is not in a running condition due to its age, or it has been seriously damaged which cannot be repaired the it is better to scrap those kind of cars.

We are a professional company who serviced in and around South Croydon and we remove cars and move them straight away to the scrapping yard. The cars are de-polluted and then thrashed for recycling.

Car scrapping in South Croydon is an easy process now. Just fill out our online form, we will contact you as soon as possible. Based on your convenient time, we will collect your car.

Please contact us for any of your doubts regarding the car scrapping process in South Croydon.

We also do car scrapping in Mitcham and Coulsdon.