Car Scrapping UK will scrap your car now free, fast and easy. Your details submitted are secured safely. We'll remove your vehicle in a friendly way, taking your time and comfort into consideration.

DVLA Notification

DVLA Notification Guaranteed.
Before your scrap vehicle is collected you will need to sign our scrap vehicle surrender form and all personal items should be cleared from the vehicle prior to collection.

ECO Friendly

Our car scrap recycling centre is licensed by the environment agencies for recycling scrap cars in accordance with the latest EU regulations.

Car Scrap Process

The de-pollution step involves the removal of motor oil, anti-freeze, batteries and brake fluids and the next step is the removal of all salvageable parts. Thus ensuring the car scrapping process is environmental friendly.

Vehicle Scrap Form

Please submit your details using the form below and we'll get back to you ASAP with a collection date and time.
Tyres inflated
I have the keys
I have the documents

The Car Scrapping Process

Fill in our Vehicle Scrap Form or call us on 07817 65 33 68.

We collect your vehicle at a time to suit you. The vehicle is taken to our authorised de-pollution centre. The vehicle is then dismantled and all harmful waste is disposed. All these process are done in an environmentally friendly way.

Car transferred to covered de-pollution building
Battery removed for recycling
Air bags deployed
Tyres removed and sent for retreading or fuel replacement
Air conditioning fluid drained
Hazardous materials (mercury switches, etc.) removed
Vehicle fluids are pumped into sealed tanks
Catalytic converters, oil filters, remaining glasses, bumpers and other plastic items are removed
The vehicle hulk goes to a conventional shredder for further processing

Any materials which can be recycled are and any parts that can be re-used are removed.

Once the recycling is done you will receive a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) and you are safe in the knowledge that your vehicle is off the road and you are no longer responsible for that vehicle.

The de-pollution certificate is issued only on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you collect the cars without keys?

In case if you lost your keys we are trained and we have equipments to collect the cars without keys. All we need is your permission.

Do you collect the cars which do not move?

In our experience we removed many cars which were under worst conditions. We never failed in lifting any vehicles so far. As long as our recovery vehicle goes near to your vehicle, the condition of the vehicle is not a problem at all.

What should I do on the time of my car collection?

Please clear all your personal belongings from the car if any. Also do not forget to remove your tax disc which you might need to claim you tax back. We need the V5 document. If you are not able to provide V5, the please provide us the photo identification such as your passport or your driving licence.

Do you collect only on weekdays?

We work both on weekdays and weekends. Based your convenient time, we can collect your vehicle even on late evenings. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

What areas do your cover?

We cover most areas in and around London. But we have arrangements to collect your vehicle from any part of UK.

Do you collect only cars?

Though car collection is our speciality, we do collect vans and Lorries. Please let us know when you contact us for the collection.

How quickly can you collect my vehicle?

We can collect your vehicle on the same day depending upon our availability. But we can assure that we collect within 48 hours. This may vary based on your convenient time.

Are you licenced by the environmental agency?

Yes we are licenced by the environmental agency. The licence number is CB/UM3788SL

Can you collect my car even If I do not have the logbook?

Yes we can collect your car without the logbook V5 document. But we need a photographic Identification such as a passport or the driving licence of the owner.

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